Picture of yourself for your avatar

Posted on : 09-10-2011 | By : Vietnam720 | In : Vietnam

The avatars above are contacts from my social media channels…

5 Ways To Use Twitter Effectively

Posted on : 20-03-2011 | By : Vietnam720 | In : Vietnam

I’m no Twitter guru. But from time to time, I get friends asking me for ways to use Twitter effectively. This post is written for them…

Hire Me

Posted on : 18-11-2010 | By : Vietnam720 | In : HCMC (Saigon)

I’ve just finished my 1 month project with Remix Deco as their Facebook Fan Page administrator…

Why Vietnam Business Should Embrace Social Media


Posted on : 11-11-2010 | By : Vietnam720 | In : Vietnam

Dear Vietnam Business,

I ain’t no social media expert. But if you are one of the many Vietnam businesses who said you don’t believe in social media, I humbly have this for you:

You are already in social media. People are already talking about your brand in the social media scene….

How I Screwed A Cafe In Vietnam With Twitter


Posted on : 05-11-2010 | By : Vietnam720 | In : HCMC (Saigon)

Let it be known that I didn’t set out to screw anybody. I’m still a fan of the cafe mentioned below. It was a funny tweet from me that led to a chain of reactions…

How I Make Money In Vietnam With Foursquare

Posted on : 26-10-2010 | By : Vietnam720 | In : HCMC (Saigon)

Sharing 2 incidents on how I made money in Vietnam with FourSquare. 1 of them was indirect- no money exchanged hands but got me a good deal. The other brought home the bacon…